Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Are YOU a Sex Addict?

David Duchovny is one of my besties (translation: best friends in Teen Pop Culture Language). Unfortunately, he does not yet understand the depth of our connection, but I trust that he soon will. And if all goes as planned, he will also be a client of Sexy Soul Wellness.:)

If the gossip magazines are true (Yes, I read them…I lovingly call them my “crack”), then David has dealt with a raging sex addiction in the past. He has even entered rehab for this vice.

When I first saw him at my gym, I thought to myself, “Poor guy, I mean EVERYONE knows his deepest darkest secret and shadow side. How crazy would that be! He must feel awful.” Yet, he doesn’t look burdened to me. On the contrary, David gives off a peaceful, centered, and warm energy.

What if one of his darkest secrets becoming so public, has actually been a HEALING experience for him?

We all carry secrets. Some reside in our awareness and others in the deep recesses of our sub-consciousness. It is important to let these out! To express our darkness before it eats away at our insides with disease or comes out in ghastly public displays of cookiness (ie. Mel Gibson and Lindsay Lohan)

I am learning how to first acknowledge my dark “secrets” to myself and then to others when appropriate. I didn’t always know the ideal way to go about this.

My Senior year of college I had an intense crush on one of my best male friends. We’ll call him “Matt”. Matt was dating “Alicia”, one of the most popular girls at my college and somewhat of a rival/friend/acquaintance of mine.

I kept this crush to myself for awhile. Yet my guilt was starting to overtake me. Anytime Alicia and I spoke, my stomach hurt. Around Matt, I was nervous and jumpy. Finally, totally spontaneously, I cornered Alicia in the cafeteria and said, “I have a crush on Matt”.


I can still hear her screaming like it was yesterday.

That secret was eating away at me and it was important I acknowledge it. However, I didn’t reflect with myself on what plan of action was truly for the highest good of all involved. I kept the secret hidden for so long, almost from myself even, that it just bubbled over in the lunchroom on that fateful day.

The drama that ensued is worth a whole other blog post.

Secrets still befuddle me a bit. Sometimes I envy David Duchovny and the way the whole world knows his dark side. That must feel REALLY freeing. Maybe we should all wear t-shirts with our deepest darkest secrets on the front of them in NEON YELLOW.

Mine might read:

“Sometimes I don’t wash my hair for days”

“When I was 10, I stole crackers from my teacher”

“When I cut my fingernails, I don’t always make sure the scraps land in the trash can”

“In high school I made out with my best friend’s brother when she was in Europe”

There are more of course, but this is a good start for my T-Shirt line.

I wonder how David will respond when he finds out he was the muse, the inspiration for my new clothing company, “Wear your Truth”.

I can’t wait for the day when I see him sweating away at the gym with his brand new T-shirt with the following words in bright yellow:


The truth shall set us free, and also make a fabulous fashion statement.

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Anita Wiggins said...

My tee shirt would say "I have had sex before." That's pretty funny considering that I have 7 kids.