Friday, February 18, 2011

Do YOU have Regrets?

“I had to visit Florida to realize I was NOT a Florida person,” my beautiful Wellness Coaching client shared. “What I DID realize, was that California would be ideal for me.”

She and her boyfriend are now planning their exciting move from New York City to the Los Angeles area.  They are thrilled and this decision feels so aligned with their authentic Selves.

Yet, she had to visit a place that did NOT align with her Truth, FIRST.

In my life, I have had plenty of “trips to Florida”.  Here are just a few:

-I had to date the drug addicted, alcoholic, rebel guy in high school (okay a few of them), to recognize that they were not my ideal partners.

-I had to live out a Party Girl Lifestyle for a year or two (sorry parents) and have a couple alcohol induced traumas to realize that this extreme behavior did not align with my Truth.

-I had to live in the suburbs of Fairfield and Westchester Counties to understand that I LOVE and resonate the city lifestyle at this time in my life.

-I had to become an elementary school teacher and be completely overwhelmed and stressed to take the action steps towards the career of my dreams. (YAY for Sexy Soul Wellness and performing)

We all have “trips to Florida” in our lives and thank goodness that we do.  So often, it is when we head in a direction that is not aligned with our Truth, that we can recognize this discrepancy and change course.

I do not see these trips as wasted time or reasons to have regrets.

Please comment on the following question:

What are YOUR “trips to Florida” and how have the pointed you in the direction of your authentic dreams and desires?

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