Friday, January 28, 2011

BLOG CONTEST!!! Guess my Celebrity Work Out Buddy!!

I apologize for the possible grammar mistakes, but I have to write this very quickly and then run out the door to Equinox and meet my AMAZING  CELEBRITY Work Out Buddy.

He usually gets there around now, give or take a few minutes.  I can’t be late!!  He is definitely counting on me to motivate him for a successful work out.  Aren't Work Out Buddies so helpful in getting us out the door and to the gym!

Who is this person, you might ask?  Keep reading…

Okay, so maybe he has his OWN personal trainer who inspires and guides him. That’s true.  Yet, I still feel my presence is monumentally important to him.  And yes, maybe we have spoken ONE time in over a year.
BUT…it was an amazing conversation (and slightly embarrassing). I play it in my head almost every day.

Him: Are you reading that book?

Me: Yes…THANK YOU  (What?  Thank you for WHAT, genius? Smooth move... Cora)

Him: That is the best acting book out there.  The author is amazing.

Me: Yes….THANK YOU  (You’re kidding me, right?  AGAIN?)

Him:  If you can take an acting class with him, I highly recommend it.

Me: Yes…THANK YOU (3 times in 20 seconds…I said the same exact thing.)

Bet you want to know who he is, right?  Heeeee heee heee…

Here’s another clue.  I see him on television or in US Weekly and I yell to Ben across the apartment, “My Work Out Buddy is on the TV!!!”  His current television show is rather…hmm…let’s just say he HAS to work out, because he is naked quite often.

My husband isn’t completely thrilled about my Work Out Buddy.  Ben keeps saying, “At least I’m taller than him.”

Three more clues about my Best Friend:
  1. Grew up in New York City
  2. Has a BA from Princeton, a MA from Yale and an uncompleted Doctoral Thesis called Magic and Technology in Contemporary Poetry and Prose
  3. Starred in a Science Fiction TV Show way back when.
Bet you want to know my BFF of Workout Buddies???

BLOG CONTEST TIME!!!  Post your guesses and the first 3 folks who post will receive an autograph from my Buddy.  (Stipulation: When we talk again, that is, and IF I can cough out more words than Yes…THANK YOU)

Good luck to all!!!

and if you are, I am NOT a stalker.  Heee hee hee....

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amanda said...

ah, that would be our favorite UWS resident David Duchovny :)