Thursday, January 13, 2011

When it's MORE than Love!

"Friends are the family we pick for ourselves."-Edna Buchanan

I love Soul Friends.  I am so blessed to have incredible, deep, loving friendships and I AM SO GRATEFUL.

My very wise and successful grandmother, and also  best friend, Tutu, told me a few months before her passing that she would love to have the following on her gravestone: "She was an amazing friend to many."   Tutu shared with me if that was the only legacy she left in this world, than that would be MORE than enough.

I believe she may have passed on her passion for friendship to her little ol grandaughter.  For grad school, I am keeping track of my daily Upliftments and they ALWAYS include connections with friends, either in person or over the phone.

Recently, I was on a phone call with my beautiful, inspiring, and loving friend Lisa.  We had an amazing conversation with such Divine flow.  As we wrapped up the fabulous call, she said, "Cora Poage, know, I would say Love, but I wish there was another word, you know that meant something deeper or more profound. "

I laughed because I felt so similarly!  I remember that the Eskimos have OVER ONE HUNDRED words for Love.  I find it silly that I use the same word for:

"I LOVE coffee and dark chocolate." 

"I LOVE reading US WEEKLY."

"I LOVE you Ben"

"I LOVE God."

"You know Cora," she continued. "It's like Love PLUS."  She laughed.

I really let that sink in Love PLUS.  I like it.  I really claim that.  It fits!  Love PLUS.

As we hung up the phone, she said,"Bye Cora!  I Love PLUS you!"

"I Love PLUS you Lisa!" I shared.

I smiled.  Love PLUS. What a beautiful concept. What a way to send that "More than Love" message.  Love PLUS.

Tutu would approve. 

Thank you Tutu, for passing on the beautiful gift and opportunity of friendship and connection.  I miss you.  Oh, and how could I forget...

I Love PLUS you!

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