Thursday, March 25, 2010


I yelled at my husband today. Well, at least my voice became louder and a bit more intense. I admit it. javascript:void(0)

This was not his fault. I do not blame him. He didn't even trigger me. Basically, I was yelling at MYSELF...through poor Ben.

Why was I feeling tension within?

My Soul is ready to soar as a business owner and entrepreneur. (YAY!) I am ready to shed my old skin of Super Woman Health and transform my business into a company that is truly congruent with my authentic Self and my Divine calling in life. This is playing it REALLY BIG! This is truly living my life's mission of serving the world through the teaching of self-love, owning our power, and living our dream lives.

Yet, my small self feels some fear about this. Mostly this comes up around the name of my company. I feel a deep call to the name: SEXY SOUL WELLNESS. It speaks to my truth, my heart, my mission on this earth. To help other women re-claim their inner Sexy, their Goddess within and celebrate that power! When I say, I am Cora Poage, Owner of Sexy Soul Wellness, my spirit starts to sing and dance.

However, I have received feedback that "sexy" might scare some people away, or attract the "wrong" type of clientele...LOL. I am nervous that my business might be a little "too much" for some people to handle. I am even worried about seeming risque or something.

Yet, I can't shake the feeling that this name is speaking to me for a reason. I feel that SEXY SOUL WELLNESS will attract just the right top of client for me. Im motivated to re-claim the word SEXY as empowered feminine characteristic! My daily affirmation is "I am enthusiastically loving and accepting ALL of me. I am living my truth Out Loud with Gusto." This is my dream business name, this is living Out Loud.

Yesterday, I was walking down 85th and I was feeling deep gratitude for all the amazing blessings that I have been receiving from the Universe lately. I glanced to my right, where someone had discarded a large, red easy chair. Written very largely in permanent marker, were the words, BECOME YOUR DREAM.

Today, I walked out of my favorite Health Food Store on 3rd Ave, and saw a rather disgusting discarded mattress on the street. In large black permanent marker, was the message: BECOME YOUR DREAM.

I hear you Universe! Thank you. I am ready.

To Do List:

1. Call Ben and apologize.

2. Read the Goddess Oracle Card that I drew today: PELE: DIVINE PASSION..."Be honest with yourself: What is you heart's true desire?" OMG.

3. Change my business name to Sexy Soul Wellness.



Amy S said...

I could totally see "Sexy Soul Wellness" written about in O Magazine. You go, girl.

currie said...


Oh my goodness. I really hear what you are saying here. I would like to offer some feedback... I have found that when others have opinions on what you 'should' or 'shouldn't' do... they are simply mirroring your doubt... or even stacking you. YOU know your truth... I think Sexy Soul Wellness is perfect! I would go. :)

Glad for your awareness and the success you are allowing yourself to find.

So glad to know you!

Selki said...

I say go for it! Go for it all. You have incredible gifts to share with this world, and I am so excited to be part of your journey. You are going to do amazing things Cora :)

Nipper said...

Awesome, Cora, Owner of Sexy Soul Wellness. When you open your LA branch (if that is in your scene) I'll be there!