Monday, December 20, 2010

Lessons from the Peanut Gallery

Ben took me to the Nutcracker last weekend at the Lincoln Center her in New York City, a stunning venue.  The website said, "There is no dresscode, but we invite you to make it an occasion." 

And boy oh boy, do New Yorkers know how do "make it an occasion".  The glamour and glitz was everywhere and I strained my neck looking for Brangelina and the brood. (Didn't see them but found out later that Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, and Surie were there the night before...squeal!)

I was in awe of the incredible architecture, the fabulous fashion, and the holiday spirit that was so evident.  The last time I attended the Nutcracker was in Wichita, KS.  An incredible production, but such a different audience and venue.

I was full of gratitude and joy.  Then, however, I started to hear the lovely Inner Critic:

"You wore that? Cora, really? The hand me down skirt and shirt?  And you couldn't even wash your hair for the occasion? I mean come on!  You don't belong here. Only rich, sophisticated, and fashionable people are welcome here."

I heard the Inner Critic and I took a deep breath, forgave myself for the judgments, smoothed out my outfit, circa 2002:), and walked with Ben to our seats.  We walked passed Level One, then Two, the Three, Four, and finally we came to the last balcony level, the home of our seats.

I knew that we had obtained discount tickets from an old co-worker of Ben's, but I was very surprised about exactly how far from the stage we ended up sitting.  I started to feel a bit heavy with the clouds of Ill Negativo...(lol...instead of Ill Nino:) 

I felt insignifcant way up there and how would I ever hob nob with celebrities if we kept sitting in the nose bleeds, and would we be able to see the emotion on the faces of the dancers (my favorite part), and what message are we sending to the Universe by getting discount tickets, and my eyes hurt...blah, blah, blah...

Well, I was feeling pretty self righteous and indignant and I was just about to share my lovely feelings with my unsuspecting husband when a beautiful mom and her three elementary age girls sat down next to us. 

The little girls were totally bubbling with excitement leaning over the balcony, in awe of their experience.  Just then, one of them squealed.

"These are the BEST SEATS ever.  We can see everything!!!  We are SO LUCKY!!"

I laughed at myself and my silly adult mindgames.  I felt tears in my eyes because I was so touched by gratitude for this young sage who taught me so much that night.  I yearned to embrace this young lady with so much wisdom and grace and thank her for waking me up.

Opening my eyes to the magic, the miracles, the blesssings, and the gifts that are part of this season and EVERY season...

If only we choose to SEE.

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