Monday, October 11, 2010

Is it too Late for your Dreams?

Is it too late for me?

I went to my first Acting Workshop this weekend and it knocked my socks off. I was Home.  I was with my tribe.  I was moved to tears by how passionately I yearned to discover all the nuances and strategies around acting.  I described myself to the class as the Prodigal Daughter of Performing, trying to get back into the family, to come home.

My Inner Critic was there too. 

You’re 29.  How can you get started now? You missed the boat girlfriend. Too late for you. Haven’t you seen all your gray hair lately? You are past your prime. Who would want to work with you?

Okay Inner Critc, I hear you. I am no Selena Gomez to be sure, but I have my own song to sing…there will be parts for me, opportunities, and times to shine in my own way. I believe it.  I know it. 

Is it too late for me?

I’ve been a singer since I could talk, a dancer since I could walk.  Even when I wasn’t officially “pursuing” performing, I was public speaking for my business, singing in choirs, and definitely creating comedy sketches with friends, family, and even strangers (sometimes without their permission)

Is it too late for me?

It is never too late to remember the song in my heart, the music that only I have been entrusted to share with the world.  As a kid I knew my Calling, yet through adulthood, began to forget.

Up until Now.

Is it too late for me?

It is NEVER too late for any of us share our authentic truth, the music only we can hear.

It is never too late for any of us to come Home.

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anna said...

amen sister. i love love love this. thanks for the inspiration and the glossy red lips! xoa

Actingiskajuana6 said...

Hey Cora it's Kajuana and I am so luky to have met you last wkend. We are now on a journey together and we've proven it's definitely not too late!!!!